Gigabrain Viewer

Created by Solomon

Welcome to the Gigabrain Viewer. This is a fan-created resource of tools and viewers for the Overwatch League.

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  • Q: Do I still get tokens using Gigabrain? A: Yes, in most cases. You should make sure: The main stream players and the All-Access Pass streams should reward you your tokens.
  • Q: Do I need the All-Access Pass to watch the POV streams? A: Yes. Gigabrain is not a proxy site. You must be logged into Twitch and have purchased the All-Access Pass to view the POV streams (with some exceptions)
  • Q: Can I hide chat completely? A: Yes! Just toggle theatre mode: You can also press F as long as you're not focused into chat or the main player.
  • Q: How do I sync the streams? A: It's hard to get a perfect sync for the two streams. Some people are fine with the ~2 seconds of delay between the streams using the Twitch player with a good connection, and using Gigabrain means it's easy to reload one that falls behind.

    Alternatively, the MLG player can be paused to create artificial delay to get a closer sync.

    Some people have had success using a video speed extension to get a good sync.


View counts of the OWL broadcasts in different languages.
Stream Stats
Shows the view count for all All-Access Pass streams and totals across different language broadcasts. Now includes viewer counts from Bilibili!
All of the currently streaming OWL players.
OWL Streamers
This tool shows all of the OWL players who are currently streaming! Most of the games also have the currently playing hero tag for you to choose who to watch! nerdy info
Gigabrain Awards (silly)
Ultimate Awards
A collection of frames with OWL player headshots (and controls) for Avast (and other smooth brains') streams.

Using Gigabrain

Gigabrain's URL system is built just like other multi-twitch websites, so you can watch whoever you want to.

Are you a streamer that wants a vanity URL? Do you want to be added to the permanent roster that's always available on Gigabrain? Do you just have questions? Send me a message on Twitter!


Want to see live scores? I've been building SGS, a system to track OWL scores as efficiently as it can. If you use the http protocol instead, you'll see the overlay in the top right! For example, you could watch Avast and ZP with the overlay at